Covid-19? Basic signs to know you are infected with Covid-19 and how to handle it

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Covid-19? Basic signs to know you are infected with Covid-19 and how to handle it

An acute respiratory infection caused by a new strain of Coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan city, Hubei province, China in December 2019. To date, 173 countries/territories globally have recorded cases. Up to now (March 19), Vietnam has recorded 76 positive cases of Covid-19, of which 16 people with Covid-19 (from January 23 to February 13) have been cured. completely cured.​ In order for people to have more useful information about the Covid-19 epidemic, the City Portal would like to introduce some information about: basic signs to know that you are infected with Covid-19, how to handle When there are signs of suspected infection, how to classify people infected and suspected of being infected with Covid-19, hotlines to receive information about the Covid-19 epidemic.

  1. Basic signs to know that you are infected with Covid-19:

Covid-19 certificate of the life from mild to severe includes: fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. This certificate can be exported from 02 to 14 days after the next source of disease. By the time it restarts, Covid-19 causes fever and can brand the respiratory tract. In severe cases, there is no inflammation and there can be many different organs in the patient’s body, especially in cases of the disease.

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Sign 1: Feeling short of breath

If the I was a harmonized and the sensor in the voice, here can be a marker to be a be be be the fob pneumonia caused by a new virus. The reason for shortness of breath is acute respiratory distress syndrome or even respiratory failure in the time of attachment, which is also the cause of new coronavirus deaths. Therefore, this is a special feature of the symptom and also the danger caused by Covid-19.

Sign 2: Dry cough, sore throat

Cough is dry, even privileged and foamy, the possibility of pneumonia is indicative. In addition, this is also one of the most popular and standard forms of certificates of Covid-19. Cough caused by Covid-19 give up will not from when taking common medicine. Therefore, if you feel a lot, take a long time, take medicine or treat yourself at home, combined with shortness of breath, you need to go for a medical check-up right away at state-owned facilities, the Ministry of Health publicly announced. Specified. Here, the doctor will rely on clinical examination and examination to accurately diagnose the disease.

Sign 3: High fever

It is known that not all Covid-19 measured cases have a fever. However, it is also considered a sign, a basis for filtering suspected cases. The degree of coincidence in each disease case may be different. There are people who are very enthusiastic about the song, and there are people who are only mildly affected.

  1. Notify the owner to the nearest cell if you show signs of being infected with Covid-19:

The Ministry of Health recommends: People with signs, cough, difficulty breathing must wear a mask and go to the nearest medical facility for advice, examination, and time adjustment. Call power for health organizations prior to arrival for information about certifications and programs that have been recently transferred for proper support measures.

In addition, when a person suspects they have Covid-19, the person can follow these steps to properly follow home isolation and comply with safety standards:

  • Immediately notify the health department of the commune, ward, or township being distributed to monitor the isolated person when having one of the certificates of suspicion of illness: cough, fever, difficulty breathing.
  • Support sanitary facilities, soap, antiseptic solution, masks for isolated users, if needed.
  • Do not organize crowded activities at home or residence.
  • Help, encourage, share with everyone quarantined during the quarantine period.
  • Clean the floors, surfaces of tools, doorknobs in homes and residences daily with soap or detergent or ordinary detergent.
  • Daily contact mode with isolated people, masks and keeping a minimum distance of 2m when contact is needed.
  1. Classification of Covid-19 testers and suspects:

Photo Covid – 19:

Virus SARS-CoV-2 đột biến nhạy cảm hơn với vaccine - Báo Nhân Dân
  • F0: The person is determined to measure Covid-19
  • Isolation at the hospital.
  • Adjust to the doctor’s unique definition.
  • Inform F1 about his health status.
  • F1: Close contact with F0 or suspected case
  • Isolation at medical facilities.

Test to check the Sars-CoV-2 format.

  • Monitor F0’s health status and notify F2 about his health status.
  • F2: Person exposed to F1
  • Mask pass.
  • Notice to local rights.
  • Isolate at home, store and reside (according to regulations of competent authorities).
  • Prepare for isolation at a medical facility when showing symptoms, or coughing, or having difficulty breathing.
  • Monitor F1’s health status and notify F3 dog about its health status.
  • F3: Person exposed to F2
  • Self-monitoring of health.
  • Self-declaration when there are symptoms.
  • Monitor F2’s health status and notify F4 about his health status.
  1. Hotlines ready to receive information about the Covid-19 epidemic:

Recently, the Ministry of Health has announced 21 hotlines of hospitals that are ready to receive information about the Covid-19 epidemic. In addition, two free hotlines to advise people on measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic, 1900 9095 and 1900 3228, will also operate to meet people’s needs.
In order to proactively take measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic in the area, the Da Nang Department of Health also announced the hotline number at the health centers of the districts to receive contact information. related to COVID-19 in districts in Da Nang city. Hotlines continuously receive information and opinions about the epidemic situation in the city and provide instructions on how to prevent and control the epidemic.

Source: https://danang.gov.vn

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